Take stunning screenshots of entire websites and capture page elements. Offline. No registration. Screenshot Tool - captures entire websites and user areas. Ready-made screenshots can be quickly edited (crop, paint over, add arrows, captions or text).

You will not see any additional windows with websites here. Why waste time if you just want a screenshot?


✔️Screenshot of the full page, not just the visible area or selected area;

✔️ Screenshot on One-Click;

✔️ Storage and processing without a server;

✔️ Save PNG files or Copy it to the clipboard with One-Click;

✔️ No login or registration required;

✔️ There are no restrictions on the size or size of the file;

✔️ Edit and discard changes;

✔️ Add graphic and text elements such as pointer, arrow, square and other shapes;

Click on the extension icon (in the upper right corner of the browser) then choose one of the options capture and watch the ScreenShot Tool capture each part of the page and then transfer the finished screenshot to a new tab, where you can edit the image and upload it as a file to your PC.



Remember to reload the page after you install extension before trying to take a screenshot of it (Chrome should initialize the extension for each page).